Network Security (CS 468) Spring 2014

Instructor: Damon McCoy (mccoy(at)
Time: Monday and Wednesday 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Room: Art and Design Building L008
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm also by appointment
Office: 5328 Engineering Building

Teaching Assistant: Chaitanya Yavvari cyavvari at
Office Hours: Tuesday 4:30 - 6:30pm
Office: 4456 Engineering Building

Course Website:
Course Forum: piazza We will be using piazza for discussions on current security topics, and if you have a question this is the best place to ask it. We will check the page regularly and other students will be able to help as well.


Grade of C or better in CS 310 and CS 367. There will be substantial programming involved in the assignments, and students should be familiar with programming in C.


Midterms: 25% (Open book)
Final: 30%
Labs: 5% (There will 2 take home labs)
Assignments: 5% (There will be 3 written assignments)
Projects: 30% (There will be 3 programming projects)
Class/Forum Participation: 5%

Each student will get a total of 4 late days to be distributed among the assignments as they want. Once these late days are exhausted late assignments will not be accepted. Please email or come and talk with me if you cannot turn in an assignment on time for some unforeseeable reason.

Required Materials:

Text Book:


There will also be on-line news articles and research publications that will be required reading before some of the lectures.


Lectures (tentative)

The topic and list of required readings are below.

week and date Book Topic and Required Reading
week 1, 1/22 Course Overview and Introduction [slides on blackboard]
week 2, 1/27 Chap. 1,2 and 7 Stream Ciphers
week 2, 1/29 Stream Ciphers Cont.
week 3, 2/3 Chap. 3 Block Ciphers (Project 1 Assigned)
week 3, 2/5 Chap. 4 and 5 Block Ciphers Cont. (Guest Lecture)
week 4, 2/10 Chap. 6 Modes of Operation (Guest Lecture)
week 4, 2/12 Chap. 12 Message Integrity
week 5, 2/17 Chap. 11 Hash Functions
week 5, 2/19 Chap. 8 Number Theory
week 6, 2/24 Chap. 9 Public-Key Encryption
week 6, 2/26 Chap. 10 Public-Key Encryption Cont. (Project 1 Due)
week 7, 3/3 Snow (Project 2 assigned)
week 7, 3/5 Midterm 1
week 7, 3/17 Chap. 13 Certificates (Project 2 assigned)
week 9, 3/19 Chap. 14 Key Distribution
week 9, 3/24 Chap. 15 Kerbros
week 10, 3/26 Chap. 17 SSL/TLS (Lab 1 assigned)
week 10, 3/31 Chap. 20 IPSec
week 11, 4/2 Host Base Security
week 11, 4/7 Malware (Lab 1 Due)
week 12, 4/9 Malware Cont. (Project 2 due, Project 3 assigned)
week 12, 4/14 Buffer Overflows
week 13, 4/16 Midterm 2
week 13, 4/21 Buffer Overflow Defences
week 14, 4/23 CyberCrime
week 14, 4/28 SQL Injection (Lab 2 assigned)
week 15, 4/30 Stuxnet
week 15, 5/5 Chap. 18 Wireless Security (Project 3 due)
week 16, 5/7 Canceled
Final 5/12 12:00pm-2:00pm

Honor Code:

Please read and adhere to the University's Academic Honesty Page, GMU Honor Code, CS Department Honor Code

Disability Statement:

If you have a documented learning disability or other condition that may affect academic performance you should:
1) Make sure this documentation is on file with the Office of Disability Services.
All academic accommodations must be arranged through the ODS.
2) Talk with me to discuss your accommodation needs.

Other Usefull Resources:

Writing Center: A114 Robinson Hall; (703) 993-1200;
University Libraries: .Ask a Librarian.
Counseling and Phychological Services (CAPS): (703) 993-2380;
University Policies: The University Catalog,, is the central resource for university policies affecting student, faculty, and staff conduct in university affairs.